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TiVo recently announced a partnership with The partnership, called "Amazon Unbox on TiVo," allows TiVo users to buy or rent videos on Amazon and have them downloaded directly to their TiVo DVR's. This article explains how the program works and... more

Welcome to Part Four of the Exploring Today's DVR Options series: Homebrew 101! By now you've looked at some of the integrated options that were discussed in Part 2, and the standalone units covered by Part 3, but if you aren't sure they're what you're... more

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed the integrated DVR. Today's article will cover standalone DVRs and some of the different options available on today's market. A standalone DVR is one that the consumer generally leases or purchases, and is used in... more

Tired of late fees and inconvenient trips to your local brick and mortar movie rental store? Maybe you're one of those people who get that sudden urge to watch a great movie, but hate having to drive across town to get your fix. If so, then TiVo has a great... more

You need a DVR. In Part 1 of this series, we explored some of the options out there. Now what? It's time to look at what's available within each of the three main categories. If you've decided that you like the simplicity of going with your local cable or... more

So you want a DVR. If you’re one of the many consumers asking, “Now what?” don’t feel like you’re alone. Navigating the options can be a daunting business, but knowing what you need makes the decision a much simpler task. In this four-part series, we’ll... more

When TiVo revolutionized television viewing in 1999, I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Being a cautious spender, I decided I'd wait a few electronics generations. I held out until I could record my favorite shows on a cheaper machine with fewer technical... more

Tivo's rolling out its latest software update to Series2 DVR owners. Software version 8.3 is being called Tivo's "Spring 2007 Service Update." It's a rather modest software upgrade, offering one excellent new feature and one rather mediocre upgrade. This... more

Looking to capture still images from your favorite video files? Maybe you'd like to capture some clips from the last family gathering to share out on your online photo album. Whether you want to pull frames from your favorite programs to use as your new... more

Tivo is in the process of rolling out its latest software version to Series2 DVR owners. The upgraded software, version 8.3, is being called Tivo's "Spring 2007 Service Update." At the time of this writing, there's very little information available on the... more

The term “time shifting” might bring back memories of some of the old sci-fi shows, such as Star Trek, Sliders, or Quantum Leap. With a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), you can be a time shifter right in the safety of your own home! Once you know how a DVR can... more


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FLATennaPHOENIX, AZ – August 20, 2014 – Channel Master, the nation’s leading manufacturer of broadcast reception products since... more

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PR release PHOENIX, AZ – July 9, 2014

Furthering its TV Freedom™ initiative for consumers, Channel Master announced today the launch of a new DVR+ model that includes a 1TB... more

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I recently decided to give the Squeezebox Server on my MediaSmart EX495.  If you are not familiar with any of the Squeezebox products, they are worth looking at if you'd like to have a device that can connect to your stereo and your network, and play your audio files from a centralized file repository.  Squeeze products... more

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So, today I decided it was time to add a few drives to my EX495, just to see how it easy it was, expand the capacity, and more importantly, ensure that I had some redundancy in the case of a drive failure.  

After doing a bit or reading, I came to the realization that the MediaSmart Server does not use... more

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As I mentioned in my 2nd article (Part 2 of Setting IUp my MediaSmart EX495), one other aspect of getting rid of the "network critical" warning on my Home Server Console dashboard was to enable remote access.  As I said before,

Enabling the Web Services was easy enough.  It was a bit of a magical experience,... more

Channel Master Serves Up New DVR+ Model with 1TB Internal Hard Drive

PR release PHOENIX, AZ – July 9, 2014

Furthering its TV Freedom™ initiative for consumers, Channel Master announced today the launch of a new DVR+ model that includes a 1TB internal hard drive. The company previously launched the 16GB model, which requires the user to provide an external USB hard drive, at the International CES in Las Vegas in January. Both DVR+ models are subscription-free.