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The hottest news and latest gossip in the world of time-shifting and DVRs.

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General Discussion

This is the "watercooler" for your DVR discussions!

372 1132 Are there any standalone DVR Boxes to record on you can buy WITHOUT a monthly charge?
by texassanky on
Off-Topic Discussion

Sit back, relax, and talk about anything that comes to your mind in our off-topic section.

26 61 Incredible insect macro photographs and videos
by fishman10 on
TV Show Talk

Share your opinions and thoughts about what's hot in the world of television!

8 24 Two and half men
by lganas on
Website & Community Feedback

Make your voice heard - let us know how you feel about the website and the community.

18 34 E-Mail Reply Test
by Yog-Sothoth on

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Take control of your TV schedule with standalone DVRs from TiVo and the like.

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TiVo Premiere (Series4)

This is the place to discuss and get the full scoop on TiVo's new Premiere line of DVRs.

3 6 Tivo Series 4 PROM Mod
by Magestic on
TiVo HD & Series 3

Share your tips, tricks, and advice on the newest TiVo receivers.

13 43 Can a Series 3 Tivo or a Tivo HD record programs at ALL if you're NOT paying a monthlyfee?
by ehoo123 on
TiVo Series 1 & 2

Learn about TiVo series 1 and 2 here.

41 94 Simple question, I hope . .
by Jims on

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The home for cable and satellite set-top boxes that also function as DVRs.

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Talk about DirecTV service, receivers, DVR's, and more.

94 311 hello I need to coppy my recording from my direct tv DVR to my pc
by armando on
Dish Network

All about the Dish Network service, DVR's and receivers.

24 56 Can I reuse my old Dish Network DVR for recording antenna TV
by Major Tom on
Cable (Comcast, Cox, etc)

Learn more about cable providers and DVR's.

29 74 Extract recordings from Comcast DVR (Motorala DCX3425R)?
by aughtomat on

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Turn any PC running Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac into your own Homebrew DVR.

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Windows PC & Media Center

Media centers are computers adapted for playing music, watching movies and pictures stored on a local hard drive or on a network drive, and watching DVD movies.

12 31 Trying to make a whole home DVR out of my computer
by netwurks on
Mac & Linux

Talk about Mac and Linux in the world of DVR's.

4 5 home media server on linux?
by Yog-Sothoth on

Learn how to harness the power of open source with your DVR.

2 5 Monolith Media Center - Pre-built MythTV box
by Tyler on

Share wisdom with other ReplayTV owners here!

3 6 Is it possible to install a larger hard drive?
by Jeff Block on

RSS Feed Hacks, Mods & Upgrades » view all threads in this forum

Grab a screwdriver and a bottle of Jolt, then hack, mod, and enhance your DVR.

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Building & Hacking

Learn how to build and hack your DVR's!

27 61 Hacking Hardware Password
by rrangus on

Having troubles with your setup? Consult the experts on our forums.

158 409 No video feed
by Erny on

Tips and tricks on how to upgrade your DVR unit.

1345 5032 How to Network DirecTV Plus DVR
by armando on

Talk about your networking successes and challenges with fellow DVR enthusiasts!

635 3185 Looking for Help with a Zinwell ZDS-801N DVR

RSS Feed Software & Peripherals » view all threads in this forum

From tuner cards to Slingbox and TiVoToGo, come here for all those "add-on" things.

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TiVo Home Media & TiVoToGo
2 7 TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing Return!
by BruceS on
Placeshifting (Slingbox, Hava, etc)

Become an expert on placeshifting with your Slingbox, Hava, and more!

12 30 Dish Sling Adapter - Use with other services like U-Verse?
by SDConnor on
Portable Devices (iPod, PSP, etc)

Enjoy your DVR content using your portable devices,

10 29 ipod Nano sudden death?
by macmurf on
Software & Accessories

There are many accessories and software packages out there - learn about them all.

9 30 Instantcake 6.4a not working
by bigdog25 on
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DVRupgrade Support Area
1066 5705 E-Sata Hard Drive Upgrade
by BruceS on
GoToMyDVR Support Area
5 17 usb not working after ptvnet installed
by tsr192 on

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