DirectTV and TivoToGo

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DirectTV and TivoToGo

Hello everybody

Thanks already for replying and I am sorry if this was already answered before.

My Question:

I have a DirectTV R10 and as far as I read there is no way short modifying the Hardware to get the Feature TivoToGo.

Can I buy a cheap TIVO which supports TivoToGo hook it up on my DirectTV Account?

Do I have to pay TIVO their $ 10.00 a month fee to be able to use the Feature TivoToGo or is the $ 5.00 a month fee I pay DirectTV right now for my R10 enough?

What is the cheapest way to get Files from my TIVO to my Computer after I bought a new TIVO?

What would be the best TIVO Box out there to use the TivoToGo Feature.

Thanks for all answers.


Hi.. I would like to help you

Hi.. I would like to help you, but sorry I don't know)