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July 5, 2008 04:53 PM

Categories: Networking

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Joined: 10/20/2005


In December of 2005 I upgraded my Phillips 704 Directvo with InstantCake for Series2 DirecTiVo Units (6.2).  I had a Netgear FA120 USB connecter.  All was fine and dandy.

About 14 months ago we moved from Portland to Seattle and in the move the Netgear went missing.  I've been using the Directivo without a network connection until today when I picked up a Trend Net TU2-ET100 from my local Radio Shack, plugged it into my Directvo, and into my network.

The 100 MPS light lights up but not the link light.  Rebooted several times and tried both ports to no avail.

I see that there are adaptors that are compatabile for drives baked after Decemeber of 06 but what about one as old as mine?

Short of a rebake are there any adaptors that will plug and play?  It appears the Netgears are unavailable.  If I've missed where this has been addressed in the forum already please forgive me.  Thanks for any assistance!


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