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June 22, 2008 11:24 AM

Categories: Networking

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Joined: 06/22/2008

I'm looking for some help getting an IP address on my hr10-250.  I using a copy of my original drive so I can always go back to a clean copy of 6.3f if needed.  In addition, I'm using a Linksys USB200M v2.

I initially had trouble with PTVnet 6.x not installing and generating the "no such file or directory" when attempting to set the flags.  I found several posts regarding this, and after manually creating the init directory, and using the "force" option to run the script, everything seemed to install.  After booting my receiver, I now have link lights on my Linksys adapter, but I do get an address.  I've scanned my network using AngryIP to verify this.  I also do not have any unaccounted for entries in my DHCP clients table. 

For troubleshooting purposes, I have tried the USB200M in a laptop where it does get an address and works perfectly.

I've read many posts here where people have this working, so clearly I'm overlooking something or doing something wrong.  I was going to purchase InstantCake, but InstantCake is also at 6.3f so I don't see what that would gain.  Any thoughts from anyone are appreciated.  Thanks

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