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December 8, 2007 08:13 PM

Categories: DirecTV Upgrading Networking

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Joined: 12/15/2006

I have 3 DSR-704s that are upgraded.

1 has an HD I bought from DVRPlayground with PTVNet

The other two I upgraded myself using InstantCake and PTVNet I bought from DVRPlayground.

All are working just fine except 1 (one that I upgraded) doesn't report a default gateway like the other two.

All machines use the same DHCP server, so they should all be getting the same default GW. But onw isn;t for some reason.

Any ideas where to look and what to look for?


- m 

------------------------------<br />Mike<br /><br />3 x DSR-704 (250 GB, 250 GB, 160 GB; PTVNet, superpatched, tytools, mfs_ftp, bufferhack)<br />1 x R-15 (not active)

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