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Dish Network Drops Local Channels in Some Locations

Earlier this month Dish Network had to drop local channels from their service lineup including Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS in several areas. While Dish Network tried to inform their subscribers by showing videos of Dish Network executives on Dish Network channel 101 explaining the situation and offering as much information as they could, many subscribers were surprised to losing their local channels suddenly earlier this month.

Kathie Gonzalez, a spokesperson for Dish Network, said the issue of distant network programming has been in arbitration for the last nine years.

“We are not personally directing anyone there because of the statute and injunction,” Gonzalez said. “We can in no way be involved with network channels.”

“We did everything we could to make customers aware they would lose distant network channels,” Gonzalez said.

Despite efforts by Dish Network, the injunction took hold before any legislative action could be taken.


“We can no longer offer network channels, but there are some options open to Dish customers,” Gonzalez said.Customers may stay with Dish Network for regular programming and contact Dish Network for an over-the-air antenna, she said. If the customer is a region where over-the-air channels are available - depending equipment in place in the area - Dish Network will install the special antenna at no charge.

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