How Do I Record DirecTV on my HTPC?

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I have DirectTV (satellite). I want to record shows on my computer. Do i need a TV tuner with more than 125 channels? If so can you give info. Thank you very much.


Unfortunately, adding satellite recording to an HTPC isn't quite as easy as with basic cable, since there is no add-in card that sports a DirecTV tuner. The only tuners for DirecTV are the set-top boxes that satellite subscribers are familiar with. Adding a 125 channel TV tuner to an HTPC will only record programs from a terrestrial antenna or basic cable.

What you'll need to do is get a video capture device, either standalone or one of the ATI All-in-Wonder cards, and connect it to your existing DirecTV satellite box. You should be able to find software to control the DirecTV box through with an IR blaster, which you'll connect from the back of the HTPC to the front of your satellite box.

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Ok, this is all well and good. Now, what is an HTPC and IR blaster?