Mvix MX-760HD Portable Media Center Reviewed

The Mvix Wireless HD Media Center (MX-760HD) is the latest media center product from Unicorn Information Systems Co. Ltd. featuring “outstanding visual quality, supported by leading-edge video decoding technologies, high resolution audio specifications and the capability from wireless connectivity to home and office networks”, the MX-760HD represents the next generation of the popular HD-based media centers.

The Mvix MX-760HD has a small form factor and only stands 7.6” tall, 7.4” wide and 2.3” deep which is slightly larger than previous versions of the Mvix family of products, but definitely retains it’s portability. During the test period the MX-760HD went on vacation providing [ripped] movies and TV episodes that were stored on the MX-760HD and extracted from a TiVo.Mvix MX-760HD Front Panel

What's good about the MX-760HD:

Mvix’s new product, the MX 760-HD, includes most of the features that users feel are lacking in other portable media center products on the market today. Quite simply, the Geeks find this Linux-based product groovy.

The MX-760HD improves upon the MV-5000U and MV-4000U products by including wired and wireless networking, USB-host support, additional audio/video/image CODEC support, support for high-definition and a much better remote control (which was my biggest complaint with the MV-5000U).

What's bad about the MX-760HD:

The Geeks have noticed that Linux-based media devices tend to lack a simple to use and incredibly intuitive user interface. While geeks simply know how to navigate a directory structure and can understand what the difference is between a HDD1 (internal hard drive on the MX-760HD) and network shares, the typical consumer may have issues with the navigation on the MX-760HD.Mvix MX-760HD Back Panel

Also, since the MX-760HD has networking built-in now, not being able to use the device as NAS (networked attached storage) takes a partial point away. There are rumors that the next firmware upgrade will include this ability which would make the MX-760HD a truly great product.

Finally, due to the Sigma Designs SEM8621L chip, H.264 decoding is not and will not be available on this device. Naturally, a new version of the product could improve this situation quite easily.

We definitely recognize the advances made in the MX-760HD over previous Mvix products.

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