Enjoy Internet Video Content on your Sony PSP

This how to guide will show you how to enjoy online video content from Internet sites like Google Video and YouTube on your Sony PSP.

This guide assumes you have some basic computer knowledge and know how to connect the PSP to a Windows computer using a USB cable. The guide extensively uses PSP Video 9. PSP Video 9 is an excellent freeware application for Windows machines, but if you're a Mac user you should check out PSPWare or iPSP. Both offer transcoding and syncing features similar to PSP Video 9.

How To Get Google Videos on PSP

Downloading your favorite Google Videos for your Sony PSP is simple provided your PSP has the most recent firmware (or at least firmware version 2.80). If you have the Sony PSP model number PSP-1001 sold in North America, you can download the most recent firmware upgrade from the official Sony PSP site. You can figure out which model PSP you have by looking on the bottom where the Volume buttons are. There will be a strip with your serial number followed by a dash and then your model number.

Once you have you firmware up to date, the next step is to find the video you would like to watch on your Sony PSP. Once located, change the "Windows/Mac" dropdown to "Video iPod/Sony PSP" on the right side of the video and simply click the "Download" button. You will see your usual Internet browser download box appear. Choose to save the file to disk.

Now, using the USB cable for the Sony PSP, connect the PSP to one of the computer's USB slots. After you turn on the PSP, navigate to the Settings menu and choose USB Connection by hitting the "X" button on the PSP. Now, using your computer navigate to the new drive that is created in "My Computer" when the PSP is attached. In that drive, create a new folder named "VIDEO" and copy or move the downloaded file into the "VIDEO" folder.

After removing the USB cable, navigate to the Video icon on your PSP and choose Memory Stick. Your video should appear there.

Now, for the more advanced PSP user that has decided NOT to upgrade to the latest firmware (to continue running homebrew applications and games), getting Google Videos on your PSP is still easy. You will need an application that will convert the video to the proper format like PSP Video 9 which is a free PSP video conversion and management application.

Next, download the video you want in the same manner by choosing "Video iPod/Sony PSP" and clicking the "Download" button on the Google Video site. Next you will want to convert the video using the PSP Video 9 application and then you can even copy the video to the PSP after connecting the Sony PSP to the PC using the USB cable.

Google Video Recommendation: White & Nerdy

How To Get YouTube Videos on PSP

Getting YouTube videos on your PSP is a bit more tricky than Google Videos because Youtube embeds their videos in a Flash player and they do not provide a way to download those videos to your hard drive.

There are several ways to extract video from YouTube. First, you can use a website called YouTubeX. This site allows you to download YouTube videos by submitting the URL. Simply find the URL of the video you want to extract and paste into the field on the site. Another way is to use a virtual software toolkit using Firefox as the glue and several software packages and scripts.

To setup the virtual toolkit, you first need to install Firefox.

Once Firefox is installed, you need to download and install the greasemonkey extension. You will need to restart Firefox to activate the greasemonkey extension. Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension that allows you to add bits of DHTML ("user scripts") to any web page to change its behavior. Next you need to download a "user script" by Josh Kinberg called YouTube To Me. The YouTube to Me script adds some download text at the top of the page in Firefox when viewing a YouTube video.

youtube.jpgNow that everything has been installed, you simply need to browse YouTube for videos you want to watch on the Sony PSP. When you view a video you would like on your PSP you should notice a bar at the top of the page that says "Save As" to download Flash video. Click on the text and the video should start to download. Make sure the filename has a .flv extension (.flv stands for a Flash movie).

Regardless of the way you obtain the YouTube video, you need PSP Video 9, the free PSP video conversion and management application mentioned above, to convert the video for your PSP and to copy it over to your Sony PSP.

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PSP Connect

PSP Connect is a Sony run site providing free downloads for your PSP including movie trailers, game trailers, music videos and videos from stupidvideos.com.

Enjoy filling your PSP with your favorite online videos and check back in a couple of days for another article on adding content from your hacked TiVo, TV and DVDs to your Sony PSP.