PTVupgrade Relaunched as DVRupgrade

Today PTVupgrade officially rebranded and relaunched as DVRupgrade. The fifth generation website provides a more efficient and easier to navigate user interface as well as integrated tools such as a knowledgebase and help desk as well as integrating the download site for software product downloads.

Lou Jacob, founder of DVRupgrade, mentioned that six years ago when PTVupgrade first started as a pioneer in the aftermarket enhancement of TiVo DVR products, TiVo referred to DVRs as PTVs. Over the years, "Digital Video Recorder" (or DVR) became the standard term used for devices that record video using a hard drive-based digital storage medium rather than a videotape. In addition, Lou wanted the brand change to represent a broadened scope of products and services offered now and in the future by DVRupgrade.

Founded six years ago in September 2000 by engineers and veterans of the computer hardware and software industry, the company offered the first upgrade products for TiVo DVRs pioneering a new industry. DVRupgrade continues to lead the market in services offered. According to Lou, "networking is where it’s at, but not all DVRs can be networked in the same way but we’ve worked that out for many commonly used models." DVRupgrade does indeed lead the industry with enhanced TiVo DVR networking products such as the "TurboNet" and "CacheCard" for Series 1 TiVo DVRs and "PTVnet" for DirecTV TiVo DVRs.

While the name has changed, DVRupgrade is the same company innovating aftermarket enhancement products such as the DIY line of software. Also, DVR Playground continues to host the Official Support Forum for DVRupgrade. DVRupgrade continues to offer an affiliate program where web site owners have the ability to earn a healthy commission on items sold through affiliate links hosted on their site.


About DVRupgrade
DVRupgrade, Inc, formerly known as PTVupgrade, is the original professional service for upgrading your TiVo Digital Video Recorder. Established and operating since September 2000, we've offered pre-packaged TiVo upgrade kits and installation services for TiVo Standalone and TiVo DirecTV DVR systems longer than anyone else. DVRupgrade was founded upon a single principle: Enhance TiVo customers' experiences with their TiVo devices by providing premium upgrade products and services; and make it easy.