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MythTV and TiVo Series 3 Comparison: Battle of Open Source and Proprietary DVRs (Page 1 of 5)

Introduction | Setup and Maintenance | Features | MythTV Only Options and Cost | Verdict

Does an open source solution like MythTV stand a chance against the marketing power and research behind the TiVo Series 3? We decided to pit these two completely different DVR solutions against each other and compare in a non-biased way.

What are MythTV and TiVo Series 3?
MythTV is an open source homebrew DVR software solution that works on a computer running Mac OS X or Linux. MythTV provides the usual functionality of a DVR including time-shifting and trick functionality while watching TV. In addition to storing TV shows on the computer’s hard drive, MythTV’s

suite of applications allow you to build a “mythical home media convergence box”

TiVo DVRs are a marriage of TiVo hardware and TiVo service accessible via TiVo software. The TiVo service automatically finds and digitally records to a hard drive every episode of your favorite shows. In addition, TiVo software provides time-shifting and trick functionality for watching TV. TiVo’s Series 3 includes support for HD programming over a digital antenna or digital cable using 2 CableCARD decoders.

So basically, both MythTV and TiVo Series 3 accomplish the same task that basic DVRs perform, but that is where the similarities end.

Introduction | Setup and Maintenance | Features | MythTV Only Options and Cost | Verdict

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