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Mini-Review: Pocket Dish Tries to be iPod Video

Reviewed by Shawn Conaway, Gizmos for Geeks

Who says you can't take it with you? The Archos AV700E PocketDISH lets you take your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere at anytime. The PocketDISH is a portable DVR designed for recording content from the DISH Network like a regular VCR. However, it is not limited to just recording from the DISH Network. When in the TV docking pod, the AV700E is able to capture video or audio from any standard video or audio source, capturing audio as WAV and video as MPEG-47 video or AVI. You can even use it to capture audio from your old audio cassettes. Content can be moved the PocketDISH from your Mac, PC, digital camera, external hard

drive, or camcorder using the enclosed USB cable.

The twist is that the PocketDISH thinks it is actually an iPod video . Like the iPod video, the AV700E can carry hoards of music and video, but with a much bigger seven-inch, 480x234 pixel screen. The 40GB drive on the AV700E is able to hold up to 20,000 MP3s, WMAs, or WAVs and up to 400,000 JPEG or BMP photos. It can capture forty hours of DISH network satellite TV programming or 120 hours of video from other sources at a lower resolution.

The AV700E has two built-in stereo speakers, is roughly 4.2" x 8.2" x 0.8" in size, and weighs a little over a pound. The internal rechargeable Lithium-ion battery lasts for about 4 hours when watching video or 12 hours when listening to music. You'll have to cough-up a few bucks to get it since it has an MSRP of $399. 

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